Pennington Wild Bird Band
After phase one of the Pennington Wild Bird Seed campaign was under way, we needed to establish Pennington as the leader in the wild bird seed market. So we created the Pennington Wild Bird Band.

First we developed four characters.

character development

Next we began working on developing TV concepts that would kick off the national campaign. All three went into testing.

The Last Seed

Pitch Pipe


After much testing and tweaking, Monkey was chosen to be put into production. I travelled to Stockholm to work with Milford Film and Animation to art direct and work closely with their amazing team of 3D artists and animators.

Monkey - the finished spot

To support the TV campaign, we produced 3 radio spots, a Facebook page that allowed for downloads of every kind, and an out of home campaign that aligned with our banner ads.

Facebook page

Out of home

banner ads

The Team

Mike Boutté - art direction, animation direction
Joel Krieger - creative direction
Joel Edwards - audio production
Paul Korel - copywriting
Chelsea Darling - design
Tam Cao - design, animation

IQ Interactive